Australian Government - Department of Health and Aged Care - Office of Hearing Services
Hearing Services Program

Hearing services available

The following pages provide information on the hearing services available to clients through the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program). All of the pages are available as factsheets which can be downloaded and printed out if needed.

Client information booklet

The program has prepared an information booklet that outlines the services that may be available if you are an eligible client.

How to find or change your service provider

This page outlines how you can find or change your service provider.

What to expect when receiving hearing services

This page outlines what you should expect when receiving hearing services through the program.

Specialist hearing services

Specialist hearing services are available for clients of the Hearing Services Program who have additional hearing and communication needs.

Services for clients with an implanted hearing device

If you are a client of the Hearing Services Program (the program) and you have a certain type of implanted hearing technology, you may be eligible to receive specialist hearing services.

Client rights and responsibilities

Read more about client rights and responsibilities under the program.

Service charter for clients

The program has a service charter for clients, which outlines our customer service standards.

Consumer guidance factsheet

This factsheet supports clients to make informed choices about their hearing care and the hearing services available to them through the program.

How to raise an issue or complaint

If you would like to raise an issue or complaint regarding any area of the program (such as you hearing device, hearing practitioner, or other concerns).

Safety information on button batteries

Client's of the program should be aware of the dangers of hearing aid batteries if they are ingested.

Accessing hearing services during a natural disaster

The page provides information for clients and service providers who are in an area affected by a natural disaster.



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